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End of the year-Changed for good

The title of this post comes from the musical Wicked and the entire line is:

Because I knew you…
I have been changed for good.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this song and lyrics as the last few weeks and days of the school year go bye especially knowing that this will be my only year at Roeper. Its painful to write that but due to issues of expectations and fit, I won’t be coming back. My hope is that Roeper can find the type of librarian that can create the library that the entire community wants and needs and that the seeds I planted this year will grow in the future.

Its not easy to sum up what I learned this year and how I’ve discovered that being a school librarian is the right career fit for me. That’s why this entry is going to be the first of a few where I reflect on this year.

For now I’m going to talk about the simplest and hardest part of the end of the year for me, which was all the relationships with students. Wednesday was a half day and the last day of school and I can’t recall when I cried that much in so short a time. Since the middle/upper school campus is being renovated over the summer, everyone had to be out sooner than felt like the norm.

It was the first day when there hasn’t been a meeting that there was no one in the library after school. I found that strange but it was also heartening that before the final assembly, some of my regulars; high school students and middle school students found their way to the library to just be for a bit. As the computers were being packed up, middle schoolers were playing various computer games as the high schoolers sprawled over the couch before everyone headed to the assembly for awards and performances. Other than the plastic over the copier and one of the bookshelves, it might have just been another day. That’s a moment I’m going to hold onto as it captured what I love most about being a school librarian; how a library is many things for many people. One student when describing what I did made me laugh and cry with her words and I want to end on them as for me, they show the day-to-day jobs of this year and job. This is paraphrased.

You made the guys play games better, you made it pretty, you helped me with the copier, you were right there.

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