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The Disappointment of Borders

One of the great things about living in Ann Arbor is that there’s a Borders and I have a Borders’ Rewards cards, so they’re always sending me great coupons. Today I went into Borders with a coupon and a vague plan.

Lately I’ve been reading some amazing blogs and really thinking about reading outside of my normal range of fantasy books. I had in mind two books in particular, Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves that was recommended on Reading in Color, a blog that I can’t recommend enough. Yet I went to Borders and couldn’t find it or her previous book, I checked their computer and it was supposed to be there but wasn’t. So I went searching for the second one I had in mind, White Cat by Holly Black that was reviewed and recommended on The Book Smugglers, there was a larger selection of Holly Black books but not that one. So I sighed and just did my normal wander through the YA section which is in two sections: regular and sci-fi fantasy, I was struck by just how many white faces there are. I had been aware of it before, but after reading these blogs and taking the course I have been. It becomes even more striking to realize just how many white girls in pretty dresses are on the covers of YA novels.

In the end, I picked up the Rick Riordan book and Lies My Teacher Told Me, but those two books by Dia Reeves and Holly Black are going on my amazon wishlist. I’m going to keep looking and even request a few books from Borders to keep learning so that when I become a librarian, I’m doing more than just introducing the same old books. Since I know there’s so many experiences I don’t truly understand and that the best way to learn is to read wonderful books written by authors who really know. I want any young person to walk into my library and think, oh look, I’m on the cover of that book and for that book to be a good read.

The internet is such a wonderful way to find out all the great books out there that don’t get displayed on the Borders’ shelves or Amazon’s front page, the shame is that I can read about these books but buying them is a treasure hunt. I guess I’ll just keep doing most of my book shopping at used bookstores, because I know they’ll have a greater selection and search online and at my local libraries for the books I really want to read.

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