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Too many books to review

I recently spent an afternoon reviewing books I had recently finished and ones I had finished in September. Reviewing books is something that is important to me as a reader and a librarian, because I know that I read other people’s thoughts on blogs and Goodreads, so I want to make certain that mine are available as well.

What got me behind was that I kept on reading without taking the time to stop and make certain I had written up about the books. I know that when I went to review, a few of the books got shorter reviews than they might have if I’d reviewed them soon after finishing them. Its an interesting problem to have as I know I’m a fast reader who tends to read multiple books at the same time. That makes it easy for my unreviewed books to go from two to five before I notice and so this last time, I ended up with eight, two of them were novellas but still needed to be written about. Goodreads makes it easy for me to go back through time and look at what I’ve read and to easily add reviews, but its still up to me to write them.

One thing I’ve been considering as I spend more time thinking about what parts of being a librarian I prioritize is volunteering to do reviews for one of the trade magazines. For me, a major part of being a good youth librarian involves everyday reading a few book sites to get a sense of what’s coming out and what might work as well as doing my own reading. Yet I know that my personal reading preferences can be limited and if I’m going to go a good job for my community, I need to be aware of as much as possible. In this way being a fast reader does help me, because I can read a few books at once, but I’m still working on how best to be a reader and a librarian.

For those of you that do a lot of reviewing and writing about what you read, what are your strategies? Is there a greater pull to do a review when its an ARC or is that less important? How often do you read outside of your comfort zone for the purposes of fulfilling other needs?

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