I’m a librarian with a long and abiding love of the many forms of fandom and how they spark creativity. At the moment, I’m looking for a job as a youth librarian after a wonderful and challenging year as a school librarian. On this blog, I’m going to look at how the two passions of my life; libraries and the creative world and how they come together and how they can interact even more.

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  1. Agnes Widder

    Kate, I got your father’s XMAS letter yesterday. He says you will be at ALA Midwinter. I will be also, Friday afternoon through Monday afternoon. He says you’ll be working in the YALSA booth. I’ll stop by there and see if I can see you and possibly arrange a get together. I will be staying at the Hilton, 720 S. Mich. Ave., 312-922-4400. The room reservation is not under my name, but under that of my roommate, Lisa Robinson or her husband Mark Wilson, whose credit card she often uses.

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