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Finding my feet in Boston

Life has been busy for me in good ways and tricky ones. My family has been dealing with major health issues but I’ve recently been able to move to Boston. This move happened much faster than I expected as I found an apartment on the scouting visit at the start of February and was able to start moving near the end of February. Now its almost April and I’ve been applying for many types of jobs that I’ve always been interested in but hadn’t considered in a while such as being an educator or interpreter at a museum alongside teaching and library jobs. I love the possibilities that Boston with its culture of education and diversity presents.

As the world of politics is frightening and I’m doing what I can to advocate and make my voice heard. On January 21st, my mother and I were able to attend the Women’s March which gave me such hope. I’ve been watching how activism comes from different places, in Southern Delaware, meetings with the district at restaurants alongside social activism posts that detail how to best contact your reps.

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