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Lego League-alchemy of making a team

I haven’t written much about the Lego League because sadly the library’s team won’t be competing. The team wasn’t able to pull together and get motivated on their own to get done what was needed. For me and my fellow librarian and facilitator, this put us in a difficult position because we weren’t meant to be pushing the team just helping them. If the time had went like a classroom then more would have been accomplished but that felt like it was going against the idea of the Lego League which is about getting the kids active on their own.

I’m glad though that we were able to get a few weeks of time together, because I was able to get a sense of what drew the boys to want to participate. It was clear that they all love Legos and creating and thinking outside the box since there were moments when they would get interested in the challenge and start to approach them. The bigger issue was finding a way to get them all thinking about the same problems as the Lego League asks a lot of all the teams since they must build a robot to complete almost twenty missions as well as doing research and presenting it.

What seemed to be missing was that alchemy that makes a group of people into a team. In my experience with group projects and various hobbies where people work together, it seems like sometimes all the proper pieces can be there and still nothing quite clicks. This happened to be one of those cases, but I feel like some of these boys have made some new friends. I hope so and next year the Lego League might perhaps have a longer build up to get kids excited. Also I look forward to other interactions I might have with Lego Leagues as I find the program a fascinating way to get kids thinking outside the box, addressing issues in the world and learning how to program.

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