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Lego Leagues and Public Libraries

I completed my move back to the East Coast and its wonderful to be connecting here. One of the trickiest parts of my last couple of years in Michigan was how it was all new to me. Michigan is scaled differently than where I grew up and spent most of my life outside Philadelphia. I enjoyed the challenge but its good to be in a place where I understand better how to find my place. I’ve also returned to volunteering at the as I continue my job search and I’ve been reminded how I adore working at public libraries. Every library has its own energy and the Lewes’ library serves a diverse population of retirees, immigrants, rural families and others. Also they’re in the process of beginning a major building and design campaign which is a point of discussion in the community.

One of the joys of returning to this area was a chance to work with a mentor and friend who helped me realize that being a youth librarian was my career path. At the moment, the largest project I’m helping her with at the Lewes Library is working with the LEGO Robotics’ team as they start a new season. LEGO Robotics is something that I’ve known of and been curious about, so this is a great chance. This is only the second year that this team has existed in this county, which means everything is still new and exciting. At the first meeting, I helped to put together model kids, watch how the team interacted and learn what is of interest to the fourth and fifth grade boys of Sussex county.

For those who don’t know about , its a wonderful program that is aimed at kids from ages 9 to 16 all around the world to teach them about meeting a variety of challenges and thinking about how they can help the world. I admire how in the instructions given to teams that there’s an emphasis on how there’s not one right way to complete any challenge. This is a powerful lesson and it can be a tricky lesson to teach because it requires an adult to give more trust to a student to decide what their way is. Each year’s challenge is about a real problem and this year’s is called Nature’s Fury and presents the competitors with missions to get them thinking about how to prevent and help after natural disasters. I plan to update more as the season progresses and I learn alongside the team how they’re going to solve the missions.

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