Moving Onward

Since I last made a post, I’ve been in the process of preparing to move from Michigan and head to the East Coast where my family lives as I keep looking for the next library where I’ll work. My days are mainly full of those tricky decisions that come with moving including what books do I keep and which ones come with me. I’m slowly working my way through my two tote bags full from ALA. Every book that I finish, I review on Goodreads, which can be found .

As I’ve been preparing for my move, I keep thinking over my experiences at ALA and how wonderful it was to be surrounded by librarians, publishers and people who care about books. I was impressed by how much the authors gave of their time to connect with readers and librarians through events like the YA Author Coffee Clatch, the various awards dinners and all the signings. Since I spend a good deal of time on Twitter and book blogs, I’ve seen there how some authors reach out to readers, but it was wonderful to see that same care happen in person. I know that those kinds of interactions ask for the authors’ time, so it means a lot that they’re willing to make themselves available for us.

I don’t know when I’ll next get to an ALA conference, but I hope its not too far in the future. When I next do, I’ll be better prepared for how multiple conferences go on at the same place and that when you attend, its important to decide what are your priorities. Most of my time at ALA 2013 was spent exploring and trying to get a sense of everything that was happening. That meant that I missed certain aspects, I didn’t attend any of the various governance meetings or as many workshops or programs as I might have. Yet I spent a good deal of time on the exhibit floor and had wonderful interactions with a variety of people. I have no regrets about my experience and look forward to my next one.


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