ALA 2013: Among the librarians

Yesterday, I returned from ALA 2013, this was the first time I’ve gone to this conference and it was amazing. I have a lot of thoughts about it which I think I’m going to try and put into two posts, one about the programs/events I went to and one about the exhibit floor and physical feel of the conference.

As an overview, this was an amazing experience for me, because I’ve spent the year one of two librarians at my school. So going to a huge conference where everyone was a librarian or connected to the world of books and education lifted me up. One of the main reasons I love being a librarian is the variety of professions and ideas that fall under the heading of librarian and walking around the conference and the exhibit floor that was in view.

People were welcoming, I had a lot of conversations that started because someone noticed where I lived or I asked a question at a booth or just talking. I can be rather shy at times, but I went to ALA with idea of being more outgoing. This was the best way to do it and as I look over the business cards, brochures, posters, books and notes I have from it, I made the right choice. Since I’ve gotten behind on my book reviewing during the school year, I’m taking ALA as an excuse to get back into it. For every book that I picked up there, I plan on writing a review.

There’s a lot I’m thinking about in terms of interactions between librarians and publishers, artists, authors and what being a school librarian means. Those are going to come into other posts as I want to write in depth about the strange world of the publisher’s aisles and ARCs and signings as well as YALSA and AASL.


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