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A Job and a Beginning

Since I last updated this blog, I have been hired by a wonderful school in Michigan, the Roeper School. The past two weeks have been full of driving back to Michigan, meeting new and old faculty and getting a sense of what lies ahead of me as Middle/Upper School librarian. Tomorrow is the last day for welcome back meetings and then school starts on Tuesday.

I feel like this job could almost have been designed for me with the focus on community in the school, the openness to trying new things and the incredible kindness of everyone I’ve interacted with. I’m not certain how much I will be writing about the progress of the library here as its going to start a great journey, but I hope to do some chronicling of it.

One aspect of this job that is a little surreal to me is how I’m back in Michigan, yet a slightly different part. This weekend I will start the search for a place to live as I explore Oakland County. Apparently Michigan wasn’t done with me just yet.


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