In which life gets away from me

I last wrote a post here in February which is longer than I wanted it to be, but my job search has been full of ups and downs. At the moment I have many ideas for a post about e-books and the language used to talk about them by publishers, authors and librarians.

In the meantime, my job world has opened up in a wonderful new way as I have always been considering work in the world of independent schools but its now in motion. Currently I’m in the process of writing a statement about myself as an educator and I keep coming back to how comfortable it feels. To me a good librarian is always a teacher/educator but sometimes its not always as obvious. In my work at the moment as a reference librarian, it feels just as a part of who I am as I help my patrons navigate Michigan’s complex resources and I learn how best to help them. Though I am eager to educate and get involved with a younger generation, because while technology and the tools available are changing, education shifts with them. Though I think the heart of education is never really going to move that much, because a love of learning can be sparked by many things and as long as it can be harnessed, the world can change.

One of my favorite courses during my masters was a professional practice course that was focused on how to be an instructor as a librarian. In this blog, many entries are about that course as it connected to multiple issues that I have always been fascinated by such as how do we learn, what are effective ways to teach and how do we as people learn and educate throughout our lives. These are lessons I know I will keep learning and I look forward to what the next step will be for me.

I will also try to put together a post about e-books as that is an issue on which there’s quite a lot to say.


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