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Recipe for a Librarian-A piece of poetry

How do you make a librarian?
Begin with curiosity, bubbling and brimming, wishing to know all there is know.
Add a love of words, I don’t care their form but words,
Mix them together until they start to escape, searching for knowledge.
Then next and quite important but hard to spot is empathy,
A listener, a carer, someone who wants to help.
A good dollop of humor for we humans are silly things,
Though be sure to have a sense of history with all its twists and turns.
For good measure, flexibility though it may try to escape the pot,
Tempt it in with promises of how things will ripple and shift.
Then provide a space to play and empty shelves to fill,
A place to gather for sharing a love of books,
And ask what will we discover today?
Then if the combination works,
You’ll find a librarian saying “How can I help?

This poem was inspired by a meeting I had during the summer where I realized that I’m in the right profession. Over the Thanksgiving break, I talked to librarians and had fantastic informational interviews and was struck by how much this world works for me.


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