Reflections on Twitter and the Webinar

Class this week was rather short so we could have time to work on our webinars. We talked some more about Twitter and the pros and cons of it. I really enjoyed hearing all the perspectives on it from people who’d been on before and used it in a new way or brand new users. Twitter is a good tool because its so adaptable, which is why I think its going to be around for a while longer.

Elluminate is rather strange, it works but I’m still not sure how I feel about it. My group did our webinar last night and it went quite well. We created a presentation about how libraries can help the unemployed called From Let-Go to In-the-Know, Michigan Libraries Helping the Unemployed. There’s a link to the archived record on my links column. Since we didn’t have any reading and don’t have class this week, I’m going to use this space to write about the experience of a webinar. I was in charge of the chat and so worked to create a discussion that added to the presentation being done by the rest of my group. This was challenging but one thing that helped was we created questions that were in the presentation to engage the chat. Also since we’re one of the first groups presenting people were patient with us, I think we were the second group. Another webinar was done at 6 pm and ours was at 7 pm. We had a small audience of about four people who asked wonderful questions and seemed quite engaged. I think the balance of not just presenting and not just focusing on the chat is the real trick of webinars. I’m not sure if its something that I would rely on too much, it feels like a great way to open a conference up to people who can’t get to it. I’ll be curious to see how the other webinars go.

I want to share something about my work with America Reads that makes me incredibly happy. I’ve been working there since June of this past year and in that time, I’ve inventoried and cataloged the books. Now things are at the point where tutors are going into those records and adding particular searchable references for the literacy objectives that they work with. In the next few weeks, I’m going to be polishing things and putting together a manual and more screencasts to teach when I’m not there.

At first it was strange to realize that other people were doing what I thought of as my responsibility, but now I see how good it is. I picked a system and set things up in such a way that America Reads has a functioning library and doesn’t need a librarian anymore. Instead they can make the changes that they know are best while knowing I’m reachable to help.



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7 responses to “Reflections on Twitter and the Webinar

  1. asteino

    I feel the same way about Elluminate. I think its kinda difficult to use at times, but still useful. Good job with your America Reads work!

    • Yes, its one of those tools that I think can work really well. I just feel like I haven’t found the right way to use it for myself. Thank you, I’m so happy with how things have gone there.

  2. Heidi

    I agree with you on how important it is to find a balance in a Webinar. There’s so much going on onscreen that you really need to be conscious of how much information you’re giving the audience and taking care not to overwhelm them with too much in all of the windows.

  3. Emily

    Yes, Elluminate seems so finicky. And, after going through running a webinar, I feel like there are way too many buttons, too much to keep track of, and a high learning curve. Oh well, hopefully practice makes perfect.

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