Reflection-Twitter and the power of background networking

I started on Twitter last year thanks to 624, where we looked at blogs and Twitter feeds. Since then its always on for me either in the corner of my browser or in a tab when I’m not on my own computer. I appreciate it since it leads me to links and people that I might not think of.

One of the things I enjoy a lot is how things get retweeted and Twitter suggests people that I might follow. That way I’m seeing the networks of the organizations I follow and so my own network grows. In terms of my professional life, the various ALA tweets combined with librarians lead me to new ways of thinking about being a librarian.

Though I always find it interesting how something will pop up in one of my other feeds like the whole complication over a YA editor denying a same sex relationship within a story. Its something I’ve seen in other avenues and thanks to Twitter, I’ve been able to follow the cascading effect as other authors pull stories out that are connected with that editor. I first found out about this through a blogger who focuses on fandom issues but its spiraled out and I think is a powerful thing to look at in terms of how powerful social networking can be. The blogger is Cleolinda and her recap of the situation can be found here. I retweeted one of her updates on this as she’s been keeping track of which authors are dropping out of anthologies.

In terms of what the class has been retweeting, its fascinating the wide range of things that are appropriate for this class. Its been a wonderful reminder that being a librarian covers so many different things and Twitter is just one way of getting access to a lot of them.



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2 responses to “Reflection-Twitter and the power of background networking

  1. Emily

    I agree with you about how Twitter leads you to links and people, I also love how it has made it possible to trace what is popular or engaging the world’s attention at any one time.

    • I think that’s my favorite part of Twitter getting to watch the news go by. Sometimes it can be kind of scary like with the Japanese earthquake but its also fascinating to get a lot of viewpoints quickly.

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