Class Reflection-Digital Books and Embedded Librarians

Class this week started with a wonderful talk by Paul Courant, who helps to run the Michigan Library. His talk about how complicated the world of ebooks is was really good to hear and understand all the different players. I know as a librarian that many times people get disappointed because they can only see parts of a book, which seems strange when they’re all digitized. My take is that ebooks and digital books are going to keep changing. We haven’t found a good balance between copyright, orphan works and those who wish to profit from books yet. I don’t know where the solution is going to come from, but I’m pretty sure that libraries are going to play a big part.

We then spoke about embedded librarians and what that means in large and small groups. It seems to be one of those phrases that means something different depending on the person and the situation. What I took from it is that an embedded librarian needs to know how to balance the needs of the community they’re in and the library community. This is something that any librarian should know how to do and that its just more obvious for embedded librarians as they don’t spend their time only with librarians. I liked thinking about how their are different ways to be an embedded librarian from on the webpage to in the classroom and that sometimes a balance is the best way to do your job.

Class ended as we found groups to start to plan our webinars. My group is going to be looking at programs for the unemployed and we went from three to four people in our group. At this point, I’m not really sure how its going to end up as the webinar feels much newer and more complicated than the other projects.



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4 responses to “Class Reflection-Digital Books and Embedded Librarians

  1. asteino

    I think the idea of orphan works is really interesting. No one knows who the copyright belong to, but they’re all too scared to try and make them public “just in case”. While this is probably a smart decision in terms of business, I think its really sad in terms of the dissemination of knowledge and shows the “reign of terror” that copyright law has created. When we’re too scared to give information out to people who want it because someone might come up with a copyright claim and sue the library for every penny its got, there is a *HUGE* issue!

    • Copyright is fascinating and so confusing. I took a class on it last semester and ended up feeling as if its just a hydra thing. Something seems simple until you look closer and precedent just makes it confusing. Which is really tough as we try and make things available.

  2. Emily

    Balance, yes, that is the important thing. I thought embedded librarianship sounded….exhausting? Trying to keep on top of the one field (Librarianship) as well as the special needs of the organization.

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