Class Reflection-One Shots and Horseless’ Carriages

This class was a fascinating mix of things as it felt more like we had at least three different classes in one. The first one was about how to run a One-Shot Workshop that I found so helpful. I like the idea of thinking of running something in terms of a meal because it provides specific expectations and moments, the other analogy I would use would be a play. Since there you have a beginning where the story is introduced, the build-up, the climax that all things have led to and then the denouement where things are tied together. I plan on taking this lesson with me and using it since its such a great way to think about teaching.

The next part of the class was actually working with our teams from the book club groups to plan what our One Shot is going to be about. Kayla and I decided to focus on accessibility in libraries and focus in on the ADA and their requirements. I think its going to be good since we had an idea for an activity within a few minutes of talking.

After that we moved to having a fascinating visitor through some webinar software, Bobbie Newman, who talked to us about e-books and HarperCollins. The thing that really stood out for me from her talk was the phrase of thinking of e-books as horseless’ carriages and that we need to figure out a new paradigm for them. I keep seeing this come up on my Twitter feed and with a friend of mine who runs a small press that does print and e-books, they require new ways of thinking. Last semester I took a course on the History of the Book and it was shocking to find out just how little the way the publishing industry has changed. I think e-books are starting to make them change but as the Overdrive issue with HarperCollins shows, its going to be a fight all the way. This is an issue that I’m going to keep watching and following since e-books are becoming a bigger and bigger part of the reading experience.

In a slight tangent, I realized that my title for this would work as the title for a Western short story, I’ll have to remember it.



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4 responses to “Class Reflection-One Shots and Horseless’ Carriages

  1. Kristin

    A play is a very good analogy (and one I played with but couldn’t make fit the way I wanted). Love the idea of the title of a Western short story!

  2. asteino

    It’s kinda interesting to see how the Internet and the digital world are making everybody change the way they do things. Some companies and career paths are more resistant to change, but if they don’t they’ll get swept away in the flood

    • Yes, the music industry was forced into change and some artists are really embracing it as others aren’t. Its so interesting to see the pace things are happening.

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