Book Club Prep

The reading this week is rather unusual because instead of reading articles, we’re reading what the various groups chose or the book clubs we’ll be doing in class. I’m in the selection of groups called Hearts and my first thought as I look at what I have to read is that its a really wonderful selection of things. I’m going to go through the readings from how they’re listed in the wiki since I think that’s the simplest way. This will be a slightly shorter reflective work because I’m trying to save most of my thoughts for class and seeing where the book groups take the discussions but all of these works are fascinating.

The first group of Brett, Karmen and Joanna chose two poems from a poetry site that I wasn’t familiar with but its one I’ll probably use again. They chose William Blake’s The Tiger and Robert Frost’s Design. I’m quite familiar with the first poem and its beautiful imagery. I’m curious to see what we’ll talk about with it since its a poem that gets studied a lot. Frost’s poem is one that I don’t know about and as with all of Frost’s work, I’m struck by the simplicity of the words and the power of the images. He’s one of those authors who does such a good job of saying a lot in a little space. I last talked about poetry in English courses in college so approaching it in a new venue makes me excited.

The next group is Emily F. and Jill and they chose a version of Hansel and Gretel posted on a site called I think this is a good choice as there’s always a lot to find in these traditional tales. This version is from the Brothers Grimm and has many details that I’d forgotten since its been so long since I read it such as that Hansel first used pebbles before bread to find their way back. Also in this one the house is bread as opposed to fully candy and that the mother dies before they return home. There’s so much going on in this story in terms of what is warning for and what is it talking about. I think it too will create a really good discussion.

Kayla and I chose one of Ovid’s Heroides, which is a letter from Penelope to Ulysses. Picking this was a real pleasure for me since my work in the Classics’ has mainly been with Greek literature and this work is a Roman author creating a different viewpoint on a well known Greek text. I’m looking forward to discussing it and seeing what other readers see in this poem.

The last group of Sarah and Emily S. has chosen poems from something called The Card Catalog Poetry Project, which I also want to go and explore more. It seems as if all the poetry is written on old card catalog cards and inspired by what’s printed on them. We’re reading the poetry of someone named Robin Harris and there are four poems. I find it amazing how the poet has really written their poetry around and amidst the printed words on the cards and each poem truly stands alone. I have no idea what we may talk about with this one, which makes it exciting.

This is a wonderful project and I love thinking about what’s the best short work for people to discuss and how do you get a good discussion going. All of these works reminds me why I spent so much of my college career studying literature, because there’s always something to find and see a new angle at.


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  1. Kristin

    Your teams picked really wonderful stuff and had pretty amazing conversations. Great work! It was a pleasure to listen in.

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