Class Reflection on Transfer and Blogging

I found this week’s class kept moving from various things so its harder for me to easily look back on it. Part of this was due to the fact that we kept breaking into smaller groups to discuss things like the McGonigal survey and then the blogging, which was helpful. It just left me without a coherent sense of the overall feeling of class. I think part of this is also where I was coming from because I’m dealing with some issues with graduation that are coloring all my classes and I’m doing my best to not let them bleed too much into things.

Looking over the survey results and thinking about how they would be useful was a good exercise in how having a good evaluation really does make a difference. Since some of the questions were there as examples of bad questions which made this exercise complicated. It made me wonder how often a speaker is able to bring their own evaluation thoughts to a conference setting or if they have to rely on other people to do it for them. When we discussed how her talk might be used, I found it fascinating how this made three people in my setting go, she had good ideas but she wasn’t inclusive. It felt like the context of her talk colored what we might be able to take from it, which I think fits well into the lesson about transfer. Transfer relies on being able to see how you can take one skill to another arena and the way its taught will set this up. So if McGonigal wanted to make me feel like I was part of the select group of gamers she was talking about, all she needed to do was mention, World of Warcraft is the most researched game but there are so many others. This example can start there but be pulled across other places, I think that would have made it feel more like we could transfer what she spoke about. Though as we also mentioned, TED talks seem to be a particular context and if we wanted to transfer her thoughts taking something that she said elsewhere might have worked better.

We then were in groups to talk about the blogs we read, which I enjoyed because I was finally able to meet my entire cohort. The first thing that struck me was how few of us read the same blogs, I think two or three people read the same blogs but most of us were reading different ones. So the trends that I saw in the blogs I read weren’t in the other blogs. This really seems to back up my own personal experience of blogs in other areas, there are clusters of blogs that talk about the same things and there might be bigger things going on. It just isn’t always easy to spot the trends, though it depends on the cluster you look at. I’m not being terribly clear here because I think while there are some major things going through a lot of Librarian land and Publishing land, people are different enough that not every blogger will reflect on things the same way.

I’m looking forward to learning more about the book club/Socratic seminar assignment because it seems like something that will be a lot of fun. I know that my partner and I already have some ideas and they include taking advantage of works in the public domain.


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