Information Literacy Class Thoughts

I was really disappointed to not be able to make to this class because I found it so fascinating to look at all the different articles my cohort had found and what people think about when that phrase comes into play.

Throughout the week, I realized just how Information Literacy and transliteracy or even metaliteracy is something that depends so much on the person who’s defining it. A friend of mine who’s not at SI but that I know in online pointed me to the article about the Tree Octopus, which I think is a perfect example of how easy it can be to manipulate the idea of who’s literate. The professors in the study gave an assignment that didn’t ask much of the students and told them where to look so that was what they did and they found what they were expected to find. Perhaps if instead the issue had been looked at in terms of how do we get our students to question what we ask of them it might change.

The Uprising is Egypt shows what can happen when people know how to organize and keep saying, this is who we are by using every tool available to them. I feel like somewhere between these two examples is where Information Literacy lives, because critical thinking is something that’s not easily learned.

Yet critical thinking is what I see as what Information Literacy really means, its about knowing how to assess new technologies and be aware of what’s out there and know how to make educated choices for what is happening. Sometimes that can be as simple as saying, wikipedia is a place to start but I shouldn’t use it for all my research or how do I reframe this question to get deeper? I think this is a hard thing to teach to anyone, because its easier to do the lighter research and not go deeper but then the result isn’t as satisfying.

I think as as a librarian, part of why I’m there is to help people figure out not only where to look for the information they need but to think about how they’re looking and where they’re looking. To me that’s really what Information Literacy seems to be about and I’m curious to read reflections from those in class since this was one I wish I had been healthy enough to attend.



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2 responses to “Information Literacy Class Thoughts

  1. Kristin

    I agree that your colleagues found a fascinating range of articles! Hope you’re feeling better.

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