Finding Connections-Class Reflections

My Monday classes seem to be about seeing connections and moving beyond technology is new and scary, but instead how do I use it best. In my Information Culture seminar, we talked about how looking back through history, we try to create stories with divisions, orality to literate culture, books to digital and in truth we live in the muddled places in between.

Talking about how to use online teaching effectively seemed like a natural progression, because there are some fantastic digital tools that can work well for a lot of people. The challenge is in knowing the right tool. I think that’s one of things that I enjoy most about this class is all the layers of experience from students to teachers who can chime in about what works and what doesn’t. Since one of the important lessons of thinking about online learning is that is can help create wways for reluctant learners to feel comfortable.

Currently I’m trying to figure out what tool to do my screencast for and I’m finding it quite challenging because there are so many options yet I need to make sure I use my time and space effectively. In my next entry, I’ll post a link to the screencast and look at what some members of the active library world have to say about online learning.


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