Learning and Talking about Teaching

The first class of Professional Practice was a real pleasure. I always enjoy thinking about the many possible permutations of librarian, which is one reason I enjoy SI so much. I’m constantly meeting someone who has a fascinating idea of what they’re going to do with their degree that I hadn’t even considered. In this first class, we did two things I found effective and that I will continue to think on.

The first one was talking about various ways of teaching and learning, which is a complex topic. There are so many ways to absorb information and not everyone learns the same way. So a good teacher has to understand that and have at the ready multiple ways to impart the information and make it work for them. The idea of learning through experience and also having a deeper understanding of the information makes a lot of sense but its a difficult thing to do. I always think of my father talking about his time in medical school and how when they learned a new procedure, first they watched it, then they did it and then they taught it. I think this encapsulates how its possible to approach acquiring knowledge from various perspective.

I like the fact that the projects in the class are going to be structured so that we can be constantly thinking about how to share and absorb what we’re learning and thinking about how to translate it to our careers.

This leads into the second part of class when we split off into groups of two and recorded a podcast about what we saw when we looked over the ALA compentencies for our chosen type of library science.

The one I recorded is here and I found it a fascinating exercise since my partner and I found we had a lot in common though we wish to go to different types of libraries.


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  1. Kristin

    When I took over this class from Joan, she told me that one of the most important things the class should do is show how all librarians are, at the core, interested in similar things and more alike than different. Since you got that on Day 1 … uh … does that mean we go home? 🙂

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