Looking Ahead

Reading the start of Woolls’ chapter, I was struck by her comment that librarians who work with young people aren’t always seen as being meant for leadership positions. I was wondering why this is since it seems from what we’ve been learning that school librarians are probably incredibly well suited for contributing and leading professional associations. I can see how there might be an issue with the question of are they educators or librarians first, but that seems in the end a bit of a moot point because all good librarians are educators. Also I love the list that’s presented at the end of ideas, so many of them are simple and powerful. I could see having those in an easy place to refer to and think about would be a great tool.

The importance of professional associations comes through a lot in both of these readings and reminds me that I need to join YALSA since I’m already an ALA member but I was unsure about joining YALSA at that point but feel much more sure now. I think its so powerful just how much can be done by working within professional organizations and so many of the guest speakers have just reiterated that even more for me. Its nice to know I’ve chosen a profession that’s small enough that my point of view can be heard.


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