What image do you present to the world?

In class we were able to talk and listen to Buffy J. Hamilton, who’s behind the Unquiet Library, she is an amazing librarian. I was so struck by how consistently she created and then presented her library’s identity across multiple online platforms and its clear that its true in her library. This is something that I want to understand how to do, because the identity you choose to present to the world ripples across so many different areas.

SI is teaching me so much about how to think about what parts of myself do I want the world to see and as I once reminded at a wonderful summer camp, how others perceive you is not always what you expect. Successful branding and advocacy really seems born of knowing who you are and what the mission of your library is so that you’re constantly reinforcing it with everything you do. Sometimes that means that you go out of your way to make sure that logo and image is spread across multiple types of media and others, its being able to tell someone in five minutes what you stand for.

I’ve been thinking about this and mulling over what are the parts of my personality that I want to put out into the world and define myself to possible employers, professors and the world. One of the things that I’m discovering is that parts of myself that I didn’t think would count as much in SI actually do, such as the fact that I define myself as a roleplayer and a gamer. This is something I’ve been doing in some form since I was twelve, but its not until I arrived in SI that I saw how I could connect it to my possible career working in the Young Adult world. So when Kristin presented the challenge of find a way to sum up your view of yourself in ten words or less, I began with stories. Stories are how I define myself in terms of my creativity, but also now my career. I want to stretch myself to make sure I’m aware of the wealth of reading material out there and I want to find ways to help young people find their voices through their own stories, whether written or told.

So the two possible phrases that I thought of are: Finding hidden stories. or Talk, listen, create: What’s your story?

I’m not fully satisfied with either of these and I think I’m going to keep working on this idea as I get a better sense of where I want to be going.



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2 responses to “What image do you present to the world?

  1. Kristin

    Nice start! It takes a long time to think about your elevator statement, I find!

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