My Next Step-Putting Things into Practice

I realized as its nearing the end of the semester that I haven’t written a huge amount on here about my own journey and why I’m in this class and this field. The world of libraries is one of my happiest places, but I only recently realized how the place I want to be is in children and youth services. I was just starting to figure this out when I applied to Michigan because I’d been volunteering in the children’s section of the Lewes Public library. I had the chance to run story time a few mornings and also to just be there to help with shelving, preparing books and even putting together some recommendations for the young adult section. The environment of the section where you had families with toddlers to middle school students looking for their summer reading just made me so happy. It brought together so many things that I love doing, using stories to pull children deeper into reading and creating or just talking about reading with kids.

The two courses that I’ve taken with Kristin this semester have just confirmed for me even more that I want to be on the ground and a change agent in the world of youth services and hopefully in a public library. I want to be an ally of the school librarians and someone who will can help foster a love of reading and creating in kids.

One of my favorite things to do is storytelling and I can see so many options for storytelling in a public library, the classic example is story time, but I’d love to bring storytelling into the world of older kids. This comes from my own personal experience, I started storytelling by accident when I was twelve and through it I was able to get over my shyness and figure out that I have a powerful creative voice.

I’m hoping this summer that I can get a chance to see where my experiences and abilities will help the most in a public library by interning with youth services.


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