Making Management Work

My first thoughts on reading through the Sub notes is just how thoughtful and detailed they are and if I were starting out as a volunteer or just spending some time in the library that I would have a clear idea of what I need to do. It must have been a combination of easy for some things such as putting down already stated policies to difficult for trying to cover any issue that may arise but which is normal for your day to day so that the sub is prepared. I think this would be one of the hardest parts of hiring and training a new person or working with someone who already has an idea of what they do, figuring out responsibilities and what information and access they need to have. Since I’m sure there are things that are so routine that its easy to forget that someone else doesn’t know them.

The volunteer brochure is even clearer, I think having the examples for shelving is quite useful, because it seems like the way a spine is read and where it goes can vary quite a lot. Though I find the tone of the two documents an interesting contrast because the volunteer one feels slightly more relaxed while the substitute one is more focused on policy and this is how we do things. Was this done on purpose or was it just an organic part of the two different audiences? Also I was curious how these documents interact wit the school’s policies and how much control is possible within your own library since it seems like that’s something that depends so much on the culture of your school and district.


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  1. Kristin

    Ha! I drafted the sub notes, whereas the volunteer notebook was written by my friend Laurie and just customized by me. I’ve also gotten firmer over time with the sub notes after getting subs who let 300 books go out without being checked out (and the reverse – 300 in without checking any in), subs who leave early, subs who take long lunches because there’s “nothing to do,” etc.

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