What will your library look like?

All the readings were focused on different ways of how to best use the space in the library. I found them all rather thoughtful, because there were so many things that had to be done in a library and various considerations to be balanced from safety and visibility to privacy for classes. It seems like there’s only so much most librarians can do to change how a library looks, because the focus in the articles was if you have the chance to redesign think about this and this.

While Woolls was saying, most of us can’t start from scratch so you have to figure out what you need and what you can actually do. Her various configurations were really interesting in terms of how many ways you can reorganize a space to make it do what you need to do. I think what really came back to me was how much space you give for teaching and study space hinges a lot on your priorities and your schools.

Also I was quite struck by the different ways of creating the library space whether its another classroom, a computer room or almost a cafe sort of space. They all seem to have their challenges and benefits and some of the suggestions in the Hart article seemed as if they’d be better suited to a public library. Throughout all this reading, I kept considering libraries that I’ve been in and what works, which is a rather complicated question since what works for one library might not work for another. I’m very curious to know just how much a new librarian can actually rearrange a library or is it something that you really can only do when there’s a major renovation or rethinking going on.



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4 responses to “What will your library look like?

  1. I really liked these articles because design is something that has always interested me and is probably why I have HGTV on in the background so much. It was also interesting to read these and think back on the libraries I had at my schools and how many things they didn’t have. I really am going to have to try to find examples online with pictures of good setups and bad setups and see what the differences are!

  2. I think we should pitch HGTV the idea to do a “school” version of one of their shows. How awesome would that be?! And the library is the perfect place for them to experiment. Can you say
    “Extreme Makeover Library Edition?” Of course, like the architects, we’ll have to whisper the secrets to library design success to ensure they get it right!

  3. Kristin

    HGTV in libraries — yes! And toss in the STYLE NETWORK for us — yes! Then again, what if they say our bookshelves are too clutter and we need to remove some books and replace them with woven grass baskets or art vases???

    I’m hearing from a few of you that we need some before and after photos of library makeovers. I’ll post a query to LM_NET and MAME and see what we can come up with! (I went home and felt that was a missing piece of the lecture.)

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