Finding and Defending Being a Librarian

I found the panel and discussion in class really interesting by the different ways that the women in the panel defined themselves in terms of finding and keeping their jobs. The idea of presenting a possible employer with an idea of this is who I am really stuck with me since it feels like a change from what I was told after college of change to what they need.

Instead bringing a mix of this is what I can do for you with what do you need seems very powerful to me. Also that connects to how do you then defend what you do because if you’ve framed yourself well enough than when the time comes that you need to defend your job, hopefully you can stand on what you started. So you can say when I came here blank years ago, the library was like this and now its like this, look at the improvement and the mixture of having facts on a sheet but combining them with powerful stories that ring true.

I found the defense memo difficult and fascinating and one that I think becomes much more effective when you’re within a library so you can tailor it to the administrator and culture. As I was writing up the memo, I kept considering things like well if I brought this to a meeting than from this point I would talk about this and really use the memo as the basis for a conversation and presentation. This week felt like a different sort of reality check than last week as it was more about how perception affects the larger role of a librarian while the scheduling is the next step.



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2 responses to “Finding and Defending Being a Librarian

  1. Kristin

    Yeah, the defense memo is challenging, but I had to do one in grad school and it was one of the projects that stuck with me most over time, so I felt compelled to assign it! I debated if it should be a capstone project or the first one, for various reasons. I decided to put it early so that you’d have to take a stand early in the course. You’ll have to let me know at the end of the course if I made a good decision!

    • I’m really glad to have done it and just from the class discussion I can see how I’d go back and expand and edit it to make it more effective.

      I like all these various exercises we’ve been doing about really explaining and defining what our values are and I think it adds to the reading since so in the end, how you run a library is defined by your beliefs. Yet also the library that you choose for yourself is also moved by those choices.

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