Mission Statements-Elevator Speeches

The readings for this week made me think a lot about something my mother talks about which is the elevator speech for something you’re doing. An elevator speech is a small speech hopefully not more than five minutes in which you sum up a project or a thesis and someone should know exactly what you’re onto. The idea of Mission Statements seems very tied into this idea of being concise and powerful, which is so difficult. As a writer, I found the different ideas that were presented for how to go about making a mission statement quite intriguing though I was a little disappointed in how some of the articles seemed to rely on little tricks to get across the idea of what a mission statement is. I guess I find it kind of worrying that many mission statements are created more to have one then perhaps to use it as a real rallying point and way to be able to say to anyone, this is what we do.

I think the AASL discussion of how they went about crafting theirs was actually the most useful to me of all the readings because it was dealing with how they created an actual mission statement versus more generalities. In my experience the idea of titles and mission statments and such really need to hang on a thing and they’re very hard to practice in the abstract because they are such powerful tools which work best when they’re grounded in something real.


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  1. Kristin

    Please bring up this idea of elevator speeches when we convene tomorrow. I agree with your mom about their value. When we think in advance about what we’ll say when the moment comes, we’re more likely to say what we really believe!

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